Basic Information: What is Solaray Triple Strength Tart Cherry?

This review will focus on the joint supplement, Solaray Triple Strength Tart Cherry. This was developed in order to help provide adequate nutrients to promote good joint health and prevent problems such as arthritis and gout. It also has high levels of antioxidants that will help cleanse the body of free radicals. You can learn more about this product by continue reading our full review.


This product primarily uses the ingredient, tart cherry extract, as its main compound. This fruit extract is packed with essential vitamins and minerals as well as high concentrations of antioxidants. It has also been one of the primary ingredients when it comes to treating joint problems. Tart cherry extract also holds a level of anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate pain from muscle and joints and even help strengthen muscles.


Recommended dosage for this supplement is for two capsules per day. Take one during lunch and another one at dinner. Dosage may vary as per your doctor’s instructions. Just keep in mind to follow the directions given to prevent any unnecessary side effects.


This product is available for $19.65. One bottle will contain about 90 capsules and is enough for a month’s use. There are currently no available discounts attached for this product. While the official website offers continuous monthly delivery it does not offer any special discounts to this option.

Possible Side Effects

While taking tart cherry based supplements are relatively safe in moderation, there are certain concerns about excessive and prolonged use of this supplement. For one, it can cause kidney damage in the long run and can also cause heart failures and certain gastrointestinal problems. Taking supplements based on this compound is not recommended for those who have gallstones or kidney problems as it might exacerbate the problem.

It is important that you contact your doctor first before taking this type of supplement so that you will be given proper instructions based on your current health status.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We could not find any form of customer satisfaction guarantee offered with this product. While this is a shortcoming for this type of product, it has a pretty solid rating online based on several customer reviews. If you are going to base it on those testimonials then the Solaray Triple Strength Tart Cherry supplement is a fine product for those with joint problems.

The Bottom Line

The Solaray Triple Strength Tart Cherry supplement is one of the better joint pain relief supplements in the market at the moment. It is quite effective in terms of providing relief for joint problems such as gout and arthritis. However, it does have some faults that should be addressed. While its main ingredient is safe in a controlled dosage, it does not state that prolonged exposure to tart cherry extract might cause some serious repercussions such as kidney damage, heart failure and gastrointestinal problems. This is an important factor that should be noted by customers as treating one health problem by replacing it with three is counter-productive.

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