If you happen to be suffering from gout or know someone affected by the condition, then you probably have been looking for a good way of relieving pain and resuming normal body tasks. Some remedies proposed by your friends or family may work or be ineffective.

If you follow some of the best tips, then you may be able to prevent future attacks. You may not be able to prevent gout anymore during a flare. You can only find ways of controlling the symptoms and preventing future attacks.

Tips to Follow after an Attack

Gout MedicationIf you at risk of acquiring gout you need to adopt certain methods of avoiding an attack. However, if you get a gout flare, you should follow these tips to relieve inflammation and pain faster:

  • Take a Lot of Water – Take between 8 and 12 glasses of water every day to dilute uric acid in blood and to help the kidneys in flushing out the excess amounts. Water is also important for your overall health, improving your immunity, and ensuring proper functioning of organs.
  • Eat a Healthy Diet – Employ the right dietary plan and stay away from foods that elevate the amount of uric acid in the blood. Avoid high purine foods such as organ meat and red meat. Take a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits that are high in vitamin C.
  • Avoid Alcohol – Alcoholic drinks, especially beer, contain high purine levels that increase the risk of acquiring gout. All alcohol drinks increase pain during a gout flare and taking large quantities of beer prevents the body from healing. Take at most 5 ounces of wine a day.
  • Exercise – Maintain a consistent routine of daily exercise. You may begin with gentle stretches or an easy-paced walk. Exercise reduces stiffness, loosens joints, and improves your mobility.
  • Gout MedicationTake a Lot of Fruits – Fresh cherries contain anti-inflammatory properties. They are also good for diabetics since they have low sugar levels. Take at least a half-pound of cherries or a few glasses of cherry juice daily. Fruits rich in vitamin C are useful in breaking down excess uric acid and depleting the crystals deposited in joints. Also, berries are highly effective in treating gout.
  • Cut Off Excess weight – Overweight individuals are generally at a higher risk of acquiring gout. Being overweight also adds to the strain on your joints. You should keep watch of your weight to make sure it is within the acceptable BMI range.
  • Always Check with your Doctor – You should get a qualified diagnosis in case you experience gout symptoms. Discuss with your doctor about the available therapies and treatment options that will relieve you of the pain and inflammation. If you are taking any other medications, you should seek advice on whether they may conflict with gout treatment options.

Preventing gout attacks is the best way to be on the safe side. The tips above will help in preventing the occurrence of gout flares as well as help you to manage gout symptoms in case of an attack. Consult your physician before beginning any gout medications or remedies.

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