Basic Information: What is Provailen?

Our review of Provailen will give you all the important details you need about this supplement. This product is developed in order to help alleviate pain caused by osteoarthritis. It helps return flexibility to your joints and alleviates inflammation which causes acute chronic pain. It also helps deliver a better night’s sleep. Continue reading our complete review to learn more.


This supplement contains three active ingredients that were specifically chosen for their anti-inflammation properties. They also offer the lowest risk of side effects as each of these compounds are easily absorbed by the body without any known issues. A tablet of Provailen will include the following ingredients:


Taking this tablet is similar to taking any form of supplement. The preferred dosage is for two tablets per day. However, the label suggests that you start out with one tablet a day for a couple of days before increasing it to two. Take one tablet in the morning with breakfast and another table in the evening. Please be advised that each tablet contains a concentrated dose of ingredients so stay well within the suggested dosage. This tablet can also be used in conjunction with your current joint pain relief medication as it uses 100% natural ingredients which are not known to interact negatively with other medications.


A bottle of Provailen will contain 60 tablets and is available for purchase at $19.95. This is the discounted price of the product and you can buy it directly from their website or from other online retail stores. They are not available in monthly supply packages which are one of the downsides of this product.

Possible Side Effects

All products used in Provailen are known to be safe for use. Each natural ingredient contained in each tablet is relatively safe to be taken individually and are just as safe to be taken in tablet form. We do want to inform pregnant and nursing mothers to avoid use of this supplement due to the minimal studies conducted on its effects towards their condition.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

This product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee which is a nice addition seeing as it is one of the safest joint relief supplements around. You can return the product within the 30 day period from the receipt of the bottle if it does not meet your satisfaction in any way. You can contact them through their official website to learn more about their return policy.

The Bottom Line

This is definitely one of the safest joint pain relief supplements in the market today. It uses 100% natural ingredients that can work well with other medications. However, we have to note that while it can be quite an effective supplement for joint pain relief, not everyone will experience the same results. Some individuals will experience the benefits at a much slower pace while others might not experience anything at all.

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