Basic Information: What is Gout-Gone?

This review will focus on the healing capabilities of the product, Native Remedies Gout-Gone. This is a homeopathic medicine designed to fight against gout and other joint and muscle problems. Not only does it alleviate pain caused by arthritis and gout, it also doubles an anti-inflammatory remedy to stop swelling. It can also help the body manage uric acid to safer levels. Continue reading our full review to learn all you need to know about this supplement.


This product uses the alternative medicinal method of homeopathy. In this regard, it incorporates a vastly different set of ingredients. It uses compounds that specifically target issues that cause joint problems. It contains the following active ingredients:

  • Antimonium crud 6C HPUS
  • Quercus 12C HPUS
  • Rhododendron 6C HPUS
  • Benzoic ac 6C HPUS
  • Silicea 6X HPUS
  • Ledum 6C HPUS


There are two ways to use this formula. The first method is by directly ingesting 0.25ml of the solution, the other method is to dilute the formula in a small amount of water and drink slowly. This medication is appropriate for all ages. When you are experiencing pain caused by gout or arthritis you can drink .50ml every 30 minutes until pain subsides. As a daily maintenance, you need only to take 0.25ml three to five times per day. You can take this formula 10 minutes after a meal or 30 minutes after brushing your teeth.


One bottle of Native Remedies Gout-Gone contains about 60ml of the formula. It is currently priced at $41.95 per bottle. After reviewing the product we have discovered that there are no discounts attached or any sort of monthly supply options for those looking to turn this into a maintenance supplement.

Possible Side Effects

This product has been tested and proven to be relatively safe for use without any risk of side effects developing. If you are pregnant or nursing we highly suggest that you first talk with your doctor before trying out this medication as there is a chance that it might affect your current condition. You should also avoid mint flavored foods as it might decrease the effect of the formula.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

This medication comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. The manufacturer requests that you try out this product for at least a month to find out its effectiveness. If you are not satisfied with the results you can return the opened bottle back to them and get a full refund sans shipping fee.

The Bottom Line

Native Remedies Gout-Gone offers a great way to alleviate chronic pain that is common with those suffering from gout and arthritis and delivers fast acting pain relief. However, this is not a permanent cure for gout and joint problems. It is merely for pain relief and once you have stopped using this product your joint problems will most likely relapse. This is a short term remedy only so do not expect it to be the cure you desire.

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