Basic Information: What is Max Gout Relief?

This is our in-depth product review of the Max Gout Relief formula. This is gout relief product comes in liquid form and incorporates a sweet cherry flavor. This syrup aims to provide comfort by alleviating the symptoms of gout. This product offers an all natural and safe method to remove the painful effects of gout unlike other medications which incorporate chemicals with high risk of side effects. If you are interested with this unique gout treatment product, please continue reading our full review.


Max Gout Relief primarily uses al natural ingredients that have been proven effective in treating gout and osteoarthritis. It choice of using herbal extracts is an advantage as this choice decreases the risk of side effects from occurring. This formula uses the following ingredients:


Adult dosage should not exceed 15ml per day. Take this liquid formula after a meal for best results. The sweet taste will not leave any unpleasant after taste as well. While this formula is relatively safe, it is advisable for pregnant and nursing mothers to check in with their doctor first before using this medication.


The price of this product is around $24.22 per 450ml bottle. There are currently no discounts offered with this product and we could not find any option for monthly supply options as well. A big draw of this product is its decision to be taken in syrup form rather than a capsule or tablet. The sweet cherry taste is also a good addition as it becomes more of a treat rather than a medication.

Possible Side Effects

This product is relatively safe for use with adults. However, the ingredient known as stinging nettle is known to cause some mild side effects. The side effects attributed to this compound are headaches, stomachaches and dizziness. Fortunately, these side effects are known to dissipate in a matter of hours. To avoid such experiences it is best to talk with your physician before taking this formula.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

After a thorough research we could not find any mention of customer guarantees when it comes to the purchase of this product. This is a dent on what is otherwise a decent gout relief medication. Its use of herbal extracts might also mean that it does not have the fast acting relief one would expect. It also appears that Max Gout Relief has still yet to develop a solid online presence with little customer reviews available for reference.

The Bottom Line

The Max Gout Relief might be a safe gout relief medication but does that mean it is effective as well? That question has yet to be answered as we could not find enough customer testimonials to gauge its effectiveness. There is also the issue of the price tag and lack of guarantee which is always a disadvantage for supplements as new customers will likely go to tried and tested brands instead of new ones.

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