Basic Information: What is Iso Tech Goutrol

The goal of this product is to promote normal uric acid levels naturally and reduce gout symptoms. It is a dietary supplement that is formulated to support normal tissue metabolism in and around the muscles and joints. This product is processed utilizing the manufacturer’s exclusive MPD Technology to bring the most advanced formulas offered based on industry standards. This product is manufactured in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). To know more about this product, continue reading the full review.


The most important ingredient of this product is proprietary MPD Botanical Blend containing:

  • Mint (leaf)
  • Thyme (oil)
  • Citrin
  • Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Complex

Other Ingredients:

  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Orange juice powder

This product doesn’t not contain any dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, gluten or yeast.


This product must be considered as a dietary supplement and must be taken with the knowledge of a physician. The manufacturer recommends the following dosage:

  • Phase I (initial) Dosage: For the first five days, take one capsule twice daily with water.
  • Phase II (maintenance) Dosage: Continue taking one capsule daily with water.


This product costs $39.95 in the manufacturer’s website. There was no discount or offers advertised by the manufacturer at the time of writing this review. One bottle containing 30 veggie capsules costs ₹953.14 in iHerbs and there was a 10% offer advertised by the manufacturer for a limited period. It is available in Vitacost at the rate of $26.29 which is cheaper than the retail price of $39.95 and it helps to save around 34%.

Possible Side Effects

It is stated that this dietary supplement is not designed to replace prescribed medications. If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, it is advised to inform a physician prior to use.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no money back guarantee or return/refund policy advertised by the manufacturer in the manufacturer’s website.There were very few reviews for this product and most of the reviews had positive feedback. However, if you buy this product through Vitacost, if you are unhappy with any product for any reason, you can avail a full refund or replacement, if requested within 60 days of purchase.

The Bottom Line

This is a high quality product because it is manufactured using GMP standards. It is made using highly potent ingredients that is effective to treat and reduce gout symptoms. However there is no money back guarantee or return/refund policy advertised by the manufacturer, which can discourage risk averse users from buying this product.  Although Vitacost provides 100% money back guarantee, 60 days is too short to judge the efficacy of a health supplement as it must be used atleast for 90 days. Also, returns and replacements are not available for international orders. Except for the fact that it is manufactured under GMP standards, there is no proof to support that fact that the ingredients used are tested for purity and quality.

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