What is eVaidyaJi Gout Care Kit?

This is a review of eVaidyaJi Gout Care Kit, a natural ayurvedic remedy designed to help relieve symptoms of gout. It’s comprised of Gout Ayur Capsules, Detox Herbal Tea and Kaishore Guggulu. Capsules are used for reduction of uric acid deposits in the joints and muscles, herbal tea is used for toxin removal and kaishore guggulu balances out the metabolism, reducing the chances for an onset of gout. It is made entirely using plant parts and extracts native to India.


Gout Ayur Capsules are made using:

Gorakhmundi, Guduchi, Manjishtha, Shunthi, Shallaki, Ashwagandha, and Ajwain.

Detox Herbal Tea contains the following:

Pippali, Dalchini, Amalaki, Haritaki, Haridra, Maricha, Manjishtha

And Kaishore Guggulut is made with the following ingredients:

Guduchi, Haritaki, Bibhitaki, Amalaki, Nishotha, Vidanga, Guggulu


The manufacturer recommends taking two Gout Ayur capsules and two Kaishore Guggulut tablets two times a day with hot water. The herbal tea should be consumed at least twice daily.


Gout Care Kit can be purchased in one, two or three month supply. One month supply costs $35.95. Two month supply costs $64.71. And three month supply costs $97.06.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer asserts that this product is 100% natural and its use is unlikely to cause any adverse effects. That said, customers are urged to follow the directions to the letter and be careful not to exceed the recommended dose.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Although the manufacturer states refunds are offered to all the customers who are not completely satisfied with their product, the time windows during which the return can be made is not specified. The product must be returned in its original condition, or at least in the original packaging and with the receipt as a proof of purchase. The satisfaction guarantee does not cover shipping fees.

The official product webpage does not contain any reviews, but rather testimonials, all of which are overwhelmingly positive. What sets apart reviews from testimonials is the fact that both positive and negative reviews can be present for a single product, as the manufacturer does can’t control what how individual customer will react to the product. Testimonials are hand-picked by the manufacturer in advance before being posted on the product web page.

The Bottom Line

Gout Care Kit is claimed to be a completely natural product manufactured to help fight symptoms of gout. The price is adequate for this kind of product and customers seem happy with the results. However, use of testimonials instead of reviews is a downside, and may be a concern for potential customers. Also the fact that the herbs used in the product are generally not seen in other gout treatments, this may raise red flags and send the customer looking for a different product.

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