Gout is one of the types of arthritis that is distinguished by extreme inflammation in joints which causes agonizing pain. Taking cherries and adopting recommended dietary practices are two great ways of managing the pain and joint inflammation. The primary cause of gout is high levels of uric acid. A good dietary habit can help to control the level of uric acid as well as prevent the body from producing excess amounts.

If the condition is left untreated, it may cause risk of more future attacks. Each subsequent attack becomes more severe and longer, and consequently harder to control or treat. Thus, it is crucial to properly treat the disease to avoid future attacks or to reduce the severity. Many cures already exist that are useful in relieving the body of the discomfort caused by the illness. Herbal or natural remedies coupled with dietary changes provide an easy way through the condition, and they are readily available to most people.


Ways of Curing Gout – Cherry juice and DietThese are medicinal fruits that can be used to treat gout either by eating them or making and drinking cherry juice. For a long time, cherries have served as an effective anti-inflammatory remedy used to cure several variants of arthritis including gout. Cherry juice lowers the uric acid levels in blood and blocking the formation of crystals that are deposited in joints causing inflammation and pain. Fresh and canned cherries are widely available in vegetable stores. A half pound of cherries or a tablespoon of cherry concentrate daily can be used to manage gout.

A healthy diet – the best foods

It is essential to maintain a diet of the right food if you have the gout condition. This is important in order to control the levels of uric acid in the body. Abstain from or intensively limit the uptake of high purine foods such as beer, scallops, herring, sardines, organic meat, and red meat. These high purine foods are responsible for excess levels of uric acid in the body that increase inflammation and pain. It is also necessary to ensure that you increase the amount of water you take daily. It is recommended to drink not less than 12 glasses every day to dilute uric acid and help the body in flushing it through the kidneys.

Using a diet Plan

Ways of Curing Gout – Cherry juice and DietDietary changes contribute to lowering the severity and length of gout attacks. It is also preventive and can significantly reduce the risk of a gout attack. You should change your diet immediately you are diagnosed with gout or high levels of uric acid.

Plan your diet – Plan for the foods that you take every day while avoiding the high purine foods mentioned above. There are several protein alternatives such as dairy, beans, turkey, and lean chicken.

Always include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet – Your diet plan should include a lot of vegetables and fruits. These are rich in vitamin C that helps to break down uric acid.

Be conscious of your weight – Take meals that do not contain too many calories. Observing a manageable weight will protect you from joint damage.

A combination of diet and cherry juice is an effective way of treating gout and controlling the frequency and severity of attacks. A good diet plan will act as a roadmap to your recovery.

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