The variety of gout treatment options available ion the market is often overwhelming. Gout pain is very severe and will make you seek for ways of relieving the symptoms. Gout is extremely agonizing and will make walking almost impossible as well as diminish the quality of your life. Some knowledge will go a long way in helping you choose the best treatment alternative for you. It is crucial to find the best form of relieving the pain for you to heal faster. Ensure that you seek the attention of your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis and advice on the options available.

The Cause of Gout Attacks

Gout ReliefBefore choosing which method to use to relieve gout, you should understand what causes the disease. Gout attacks vary from one individual to another, and so do the causes. Always keep track of your activities, diet, and weight. You should also note the prevalence, severity, and intervals of your symptoms. This will enable you to match the symptoms with the corresponding lifestyle attributes and help you to choose the appropriate method of relieving yourself of pain.

The Options for Gout Relief

Most of the available options of relieving gout concentrate on decreasing the levels of uric acid in the body. They also help to control pain and inflammation. Immediately after the first flare subsides, you need to find a method of flushing out uric acid from the bloodstream. Some people get severe inflammations that require steroids to manage the initial flares.

You need to note that aspirin is not recommended for treating gout although it has anti-inflammatory capabilities. The reason is that aspirin actually raises the levels of uric acid in the body thus interrupting the normal functioning of the kidneys in removing the excess uric acid.

Relief through Over-The-Counter Drugs

Gout ReliefDoctors will typically recommend over-the-counter medication for people suffering from gout. They may take the form of patches, creams, sprays, lotions, and pills. They help to numb or relieve pain in affected parts of the body. Other over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs include Motrin and Advil.

Many medications are known to contain some side effects, so it is essential to seek a doctor’s advice before taking any drugs.

Natural Remedies

There are several natural remedies of relieving pain and inflammation brought about by gout. You need to take the most effective solution that is appropriate for you. The best natural remedy should have properties of reducing pain, inflammation, and uric acid levels in the blood. Information about natural options is available online, and you will find the necessary ingredients in most health stores. It is crucial to discuss with your physician before taking on natural remedies.

Gout ReliefDietary changes come in as the most important step in controlling gout. You should avoid high purine foods such as alcohol, sardines, organ meat, and red meat. High purine foods increase levels of uric acid since uric acid is a byproduct of purine during digestion.

Cherries are effective in controlling inflammation. They contain natural chemicals that are helpful in blocking inflammation in various forms of arthritis. Take at least a half-pound of cherry fruits daily or drink a few glasses of cherry juice each day.

Wear shoes that fit properly. Since gout affects the big toe mostly, you should wear shoes that give enough room to your feet to prevent friction. Open shoes or slippers are recommended for a while after the first flare.

Whatever method you choose for relieving gout, you should discuss with your physician first to develop a suitable treatment plan and to prevent attacks in the future.

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