Gout is a disease that is known to attack suddenly. Uric acid builds up gradually in the body without showing any signs and then attacks one day leaving you in severe pain. There are several tips on how to prevent a gout attack, or how to relieve the symptoms when having an episode.

  • Healthy Diet – People at risk for gout or those suffering from gout should eat healthy foods that reduce the risk. You should avoid eating foods that elevate levels of uric acid in the body such as organ meats, gravies, sardines, and red meat.
  • Drink a Lot of Water – Drinking a lot of water is vital for your overall health and helps the body to eliminate excess uric acid levels from the bloodstream. It also contributes to protecting the kidneys from high uric acid levels that can be damaging.Gout Prevention Tips
  • Refrain from or Reduce Alcohol Intake – Alcohol, especially beer, increases levels of uric acid in the body. If need be, drink only 5 ounces only of wine in a sitting.
  • Exercise – Gout is a very painful condition. You should exercise as much as possible. Even light exercises such as walking or gentle stretching can be of great help to your joints to prevent stiffness. It is also a good way of reducing your risk of getting gout.
  • Eat a Lot of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits – A half-pound of cherries every day is a natural method of lowering inflammation. Vitamin C breaks down excess uric acid naturally and also strengthens the immune system. Vegetables are good in countering purines in the diet and also in stabilizing your weight.
  • Reduce your Weight – Overweight individuals are typically at a higher risk of getting gout. Being overweight also increases strain to your joints in case you suffer from gout. Many other health complications, such as heart diseases and diabetes are associated with being overweight.

The tips above are helpful in lowering your chances of getting gout. If you happen to have an attack, they are also come in handy in managing the symptoms such as inflammation and pain. There is no absolute assurance that you will not suffer from gout. However, getting the right information and having a healthy lifestyle, are a good starting point for understanding the condition and treating it.

Gout Prevention TipsIf you happen to suffer from gout, there are several methods for treating the disease. You may choose from a variety of natural remedies, prescription drugs, or over-the-counter medications. Conventional medication is often not preferred due to the adverse side effects associated with such drugs. Many people suffering from gout choose natural remedies such as lifestyle changes and dietary plans. All of these methods focus on reducing the levels of uric acid in the body, which is the main culprit in causing gout. Excess uric acid leads to the formation of crystals that are deposited in joints and other soft tissues leading to excruciating pain and inflammation.

It is important to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor to guide you in selecting the best method for you and also to recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

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