There are many cures available that can help you to relieve gout symptoms effectively. Gout is a type of arthritis characterized by severe swelling and pain in joints. Gout leads to the reddening of joints. The swollen areas feel warm if touched. The primary cause of gout is the buildup of uric acid levels. Uric acid increases as a result of the digestion of high purine foods.

Kidneys are usually responsible for regulating the amount of uric acid in the bloodstream but in excessive levels, the kidneys cannot function properly. As a result, crystals are formed out the excess uric acid and deposited in joints and the surrounding soft tissue. These crystals lead to inflammation and discomfort.Gout Diet

There are all-natural cures that can be useful in relieving you of the symptoms and helping you to heal faster.Many of the natural treatments are readily available and may be in your kitchen already.

  • Cherries contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to relieving the inflammation caused by gout and also help to reduce uric acid levels in the blood. You should start by including a minimum of 25 cherries in your diet every day then you can decrease the number gradually to about 15 cherries. You may also take jarred or canned cherries although they won’t act as efficiently as the fresh cherries.
  • Vegetable juice can also be useful for your overall health and in relieving symptoms. Take a lot of cucumber, carrot, or beet juice. French beans are also good for gout. These vegetable juices are effective in controlling the discomfort.
  • Apples have been used for a long time due to their benefits to the body. They contain a chemical called malic acid that acts as a neutralizer to uric acid. For intense gout flares, take at least 8 bananas each day for about a week to relieve you of the symptoms.
  • Gout DietCitrus fruits contain large amounts of vitamin C, which is another excellent remedy for relieving pain and inflammation. Limes can be utilized by the body to repair and reinforce the connective tissue in affected joints. Take a half a cup of lime juice daily. Orange juice is also good for non-diabetics.
  • Diet plays a big role in curing gout. Take a lot of fresh fruits, sprouts, vegetables, and water. Avoid the consumption of pasta, white bread, tea, fried fruits, organ meats, eggs, scallops, sardines, and red meat.
  • Use a warm water enema every day to help you expel toxins out of the bloodstream. You can also soak in warm water containing Epsom salts to relieve soreness. Place packs of ice on affected parts of the body to ease inflammation. During the day, sit outside the house to get some sunshine and fresh air. If possible, take a walk to reduce stiffness in joints. Refrain yourself from emotional modifications and stressful thinking.

The cures above will help you to heal faster and resume your regular tasks. Remember to discuss with your doctor before adopting any treatment. The doctor will be able to advise you on the best options and will also design an appropriate treatment plan for you.

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